Do You Shop To Fill A Void?

If you have a shopping addiction it helps to understand why you do it. Then, you can better give it up.

First of all, when I was still working and also married, I had a lot more money to shop with.

Years later, disability and divorce left me with a greatly reduced income. I was still shopping though, almost foolishly.

There were other things I needed, like a better car. My closets were overflowing with clothes. I had more than I wanted or needed. Surely if I had bought less clothes that money could have been put towards my next car.

You see independence is very important to me because I’m an abuse survivor. I will really need a better car. My action of shopping was not logical.

Entering an Intensive Outpatient Program(IOP) made all the difference for me. I met so many people. I was no longer lonely. Shopping had been helping to alleviate loneliness.

I was seeing kind and friendly people at the IOP which is much cheaper than buying the kindness of the sales help in the stores who were only really smiling because their paycheck depended on it.

Years back I was much more handicapped. Shopping was something I did that helped me to feel normal. It also kept me out of trouble. It gave me structure. Not having a job to go to I could go the stores instead.

If I hadn’t bought anything I could have been guilty of loitering so I guess it was a win-win. The shops got my money and I was taken care of and safe in the store. It seems the more you spend the nicer the sales help gets. They will in fact wait on you.

If I had gone to an Intensive Outpatient Program when I needed it my savings account would be much larger today.

I try not to feel too badly about it because I was only being resourceful. I was doing the best I could with what I had at the time.

To sum things up, shopping: Alleviated my loneliness, made me benefit from the sales helps kindness, helped me to feel normal, and kept me occupied and out of trouble.

My IOP does all that for me and more.

Today I am a happy camper who’s savings account is growing!

4 thoughts on “Do You Shop To Fill A Void?

  1. I’m glad IOP was so helpful.

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    1. Thank you. I had thought it was only for people with significant impairment. I plan on going the rest of my life because it meets so many of my needs.

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