Just Ignore The Remarks

How old do you think this woman is?

One day not long ago, while at a diner, I was one of the many people peering into the cake and pastry display case.

I wanted to return to my table so I turned around and this woman behind me says, “Oh, I thought you were young.” I had clearly surprised her.

One Summer, while attempting to live a fantasy, I was dancer at a Go-Go bar.

The DJ asked me, “How old are you?”

I replied, “33. Why?”

He said, “Because your body looks young but your face looks old.”

I mean, how was I supposed to take those things?

There is a saying where they tell overweight women, “You have such a pretty face.”

I am the opposite of that.

I hate to disappoint, but, a face-lift is not in the budget.

Would I get one if it was?

18 thoughts on “Just Ignore The Remarks

  1. I used to get asked if I was pregnant all the time. I started replying that I was just fat. People eventually stopped commenting.🤣 ….I wasn’t fat. People are rude.

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    1. Thank you Amber. Too many times I’ve given the benefit of the doubt 💕

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  2. I have a surprise for you! https://lookingforthelight.blog/2022/03/28/blogger-highligh…ar-a-way-of-life/ You’re the Blogger highlighted this week. I also want you to check out my other site Survivors Blog Here and read the About Us page and tell me what you think about the group.

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    1. Thank you! I am so happy that you like my blog and as for being highlighted? I would absolutely love that! Thank you for referring me to your survivors group. I would be a good fit for a group like that 😃

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      1. I sent you there becasue I’d like for you to write for me over there. All that means is you reblog your work to the site. Are you interested in becoming a contributor?

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      2. Thank you for the huge compliment! Would it mean giving up my own blog? Could I contribute occasionally?

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      3. No you don’t give you blog, you just share your post witht he group. I can show how to reblog thru the WordPress Reader. You reblog the post you want to share.


      4. If you look at the front page of Survivors site you can see that I’ve reblogged a couple of my post this morning.

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      5. I found the group and followed it. I would love to contribute but yes I would need some help because I’m not that techie.

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      6. please email me at msandorm@aol.com and I’ll walk you thru everything. I can then get your email to send a formal invatation and make you a member.

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      7. Thank you for your email address. You have an email from me waiting for you. Maybe it’s in your junk bin because it wasn’t recognized 💕

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      8. I’ll write everything uo and sende back. We can then see if everything about reblogging makes sense.

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      9. Here’s the post that includes your announcement. I’ve built you an About Me page, you can change anything you want. If you need help just ask. You can find it by pulling down the contributor tab and clicking on your site. I’ll work on an email shortly. I’ve taken lots of photos to make it easier. https://survivorsbloghere.wordpress.com/2022/03/29/help-us-celebrat…-8th-anniversary/

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  3. Oh, Ruby. That’s so wrong. Some people have absolutely zero empathy. You are so kind, so caring and compassionate. You, of all people, deserve kindness from others.

    Years ago, I was given the lead role in a play in a small town theater. It wasn’t something that I had aspired to, the opportunity came my kind of by accident, but I enjoyed the experience very much.

    After the play was over, the director looked pointedly at my legs and said “You know, it’s possible for a woman to have legs that are TOO long.” I mean, what was I supposed to say to that? “Oh, I’m so sorry! I hope my overly long legs didn’t ruin your show!” Grrr. Some people.

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    1. Thank you Linda. I’m sorry to hear about the remark you had to take as well. I’m starting to think that some people feel they can judge your looks almost like you are at a pageant or something. People feel free to rate you. I once worked with a guy who was talking about a woman and he said that she was bordering on beautiful. I guess she fell short of plain beautiful. People need to look at themselves! Have a good night 😊

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  4. I think I’d go with younger body and older face rather than the opposite. I have a young-ish-looking face, and there were times when people didn’t take me seriously as a result.

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    1. I see. Thank you. Yes I want to be taken seriously. It’s all about respect.😊

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