Vaping As A Vice

I use zero strength nicotine in a tobacco flavor.

It’s how I quit smoking. I smoked close to 40 years on average 2 packs per day. Yes I started worrying about emphysema.

But what really motivated me was the money I’d save if I quit.

An older gentleman once told me that I looked too refined to be smoking.

Having had low self esteem what a compliment that was. It ended up encouraging me because maybe smoking was beneath me. It took that man seeing something more in me.

I began to respect myself.

At first I was very dependent on my vape. I started with a high nicotine strength and was almost constantly puffing.

Over time I tapered down to zero strength. I did this gradually.

Now I only puff here and there.

The funny thing is I have to know where my vape is at all times and it needs to be fully charged.

I become a little frantic when I misplace my vape.

I’ve thought about having a back up vape for times like that but so far I haven’t needed to.

Finally, vaping is fairly inexpensive. Next to cigarettes it costs nothing.

3 thoughts on “Vaping As A Vice

  1. That’s a huge accomplishment!

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    1. Thank you Ashley. I think because I’ve survived so much, goal attainment is relatively easy. That’s the silver lining.

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      1. Gotta take those silver linings wherever you can find them.

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