Seeing Gold Everywhere

I used to not know something good when I had it.

These days, everywhere I look I am seeing gold.

There is gold in my apartment building, there is gold in my outpatient group, there is gold in my dog now that she’s completely housebroken.

What is gold? Something that is worth it, something that is of high value.

Even the losses I took I don’t feel so badly about because they were all things I had at least once in my lifetime.

The losses also taught me what gold is.

Now I know gold when I find it and I keep it.

I guess you could say it took me awhile to recognize the true value of something.

4 thoughts on “Seeing Gold Everywhere

  1. I love this. Just this morning, I was singing a song I made up to our 3 rescue dogs, about how they are more valuable than gold!

    I paid a high price for my ignorance and for desperately searching for love, in all the wrong places. I kept repeating my childhood traumas in my adult relationships, as I was unconsciously drawn to the familiar, to people who were so much like my abusive parents. And abusers were drawn to my desperate neediness and my willingness to please. Thank God I know better now!

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    1. So cute about your song to the dogs 😊 We’ve had similar lives Linda. Yes it all started in the homes we grew up in.

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  2. Gratitude journaling has helped me through many of my tough times. The perspective you’re describing here is how you slowly change thought patterns, which results in a happier life. I’m glad you can find the gold and hold onto it!✨

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    1. Thank you Amber, that means a lot. I was naive and inexperienced. I paid a high price for that. But now older and wiser. 😊 💕

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