My Dog Is Employed

Luna’s job as an Emotional Support Animal never ends. Basically she keeps me company and gives me a sense of purpose in that I take care of her.

I got a certificate from my provider stating she is such. Because of this, there was no pet deposit to pay when signing the lease for my apartment. It was waived.

Emotional support animal is different than a service or therapy dog who needs extensive training.

Luna’s job is to love and be loyal not leaving my side. She is like a companion animal but I think emotional support would be more of a priority because it’s a mental health need.

She is a 5 year old Papillon whom I purchased when she was 3 months old. She weighs 10 pounds now.

She makes my apartment a home in that I have someone waiting for me when I’m out.

She is very friendly towards people, eager to engage and interact, yet needs to be protected when around other dogs.

Not every dog will be Luna’s friend which she just can’t understand.

Luna is pure, innocent, and vulnerable. She reminds me of myself.

With her big ears she looks like Gizmo or maybe even an elf.

9 thoughts on “My Dog Is Employed

  1. That’s wonderful that you have her, and she’s adorable. The guinea pigs did ESA once for my brother’s wedding. I was really unwell and stressed out about it, so I popped a couple of guinea pigs in my purse and I was able to make it through the ceremony.

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    1. That’s great Ashley! Did anyone know?

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      1. My family did, but that’s it.

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  2. She is so precious. I adopted my first dog at a shelter in 2007. His name was Ruffy. He was my emotional support dog, without the certificate. He went to the Rainbow Bridge🌈 in 2020. He was a Jack Russell mix. I loved him so much that I bought a Jack Russell puppy in 2019. His name is Rocket. I’m thinking about sharing some photos I have of them together soon. They were inseparable during their short time together in my home. Now, Rocket is my little buddy but the relationship is different. Ruffy was attached to me all the time. Rocket enjoys his space and independence. All dogs are special, but some dogs come into our lives at just the right time, and they save us. Thank you for sharing her story.❤️🐾🦴

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    1. Thank you Amber for the compliment and comment and also for sharing a bit about your dogs. Yes I would love to read a blog post about your dogs. I hope you decide to do it 😊 💕

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  3. Yes. Sometimes you save them, sometimes they save you ❤️

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  4. I am so grateful for our 3 rescue dogs. I rescued them when they were abandoned and starving on the streets, and they rescue me every day. ❤

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