Traditions That I Keep Going

Lamp on kitchen table like Grandma, “Candlelight.”

In looking back, there are people who really made me. They are long gone, but thanks to them, I’m benefiting now. These people are in my memory.

It was their way that mattered and made the difference.

When I was young, my Grandmother, would look at me and smile, wind up her Japanese jewelry box, set it down, and as the music played and the doll slowly spun, there was magic in the room. My Grandmother was responsible for that magic. The magic was love.

My babysitter’s house which I preferred to my own home had Hummels in it. Avon children’s soaps. It was the seventies. Remember the magic of the Avon lady?

What made her house special was once again a warm smile. Someone happy to see me. An energy of love in that home. Someone who told me I was good when my own mother would tell me I was bad.

I’m alone and have had happy times and not so happy times and in an attempt to recreate the good past, I’m placing objects in my home that remind me of those loving people.

Candy dishes I bought

Aunt Betty who was no drama, consistent, a woman who was very independent and could handle herself well always had her candy dish. It meant nothing to me back then. It is full of meaning now.

A person who has a candy dish out is welcoming. It is an offer of something sweet, free of charge, put it in your pocket for later.

Both my Grandmother and Great Aunt Betty were older than I am now but they were women living single just as I am. They were also both mature. I hope to be mature just like them.

Another thing my Grandmother did was when we sat down to eat our homemade lentil soup was to turn on a small lamp she had on the kitchen table(as pictured in this post). Grandma would once again look at me, smile, turn on the lamp and say, “Candlelight.” Yet another magical moment.

I didn’t know what love was back then but I knew I liked the smiles, the eye contact, the excitement at seeing me.

My moms side of the family was rather cold. Didn’t make eye contact. Didn’t smile. Didn’t talk.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I like people who can engage, people who mirror you.

So I’m keep my Grandmother’s candlelight tradition going at my kitchen table. Oh how I wish she was still here. I was ten years old and she would treat me with respect.

Candle holders I’ve bought for the table

So when my mother and brother visit me here at my apartment I want it to be a warm, welcoming, environment with an energy of love just as those 3 aforementioned women had created.

This is a Christian home and what I mean by that is there is peace, love, warmth, stability, and respect practiced here.

A cross on my wall to remind me this is a Christian home.

I’ve made so many mistakes in life that I am trying to do this right.

I don’t use regular candles as they are against the rules in my building. I use LED candles only.

The End ❤️

10 thoughts on “Traditions That I Keep Going

  1. I love your Christian home, your loving family traditions, and your charming decor. And I like butterscotch candy, too, yum.

    My great-grandmother Dolly loved me. She was so gentle and kind and hospitable. She always had freshly baked cookies for me when we visited. She was the best cook. She died when I was eight. I still miss her. Having adults in your childhood who showed you love makes all the difference, when you didn’t have love in your home.

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    1. Linda, exactly! Your great grandmother dolly sounds wonderful 😊 My two relatives died when I was young also. My babysitter is still alive and we are friends on Facebook. Back then, I didn’t know how much these women would mean to me now 💗 These women had a calming effect on me.

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  2. Candy dishes definitely remind me of visiting great aunts and uncles when I was a kid. ❤️

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    1. Exactly. Thank you for your comment ❤️

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  3. These are lovely traditions.😀I’m happy that you had those warm hearted women in your past as your influences. Sometimes, those small things make a very big difference. Thank you for sharing.💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And thank you Amber 💗 Yes, thank God for those influences and enlightened witnesses. I believe they are what saved me. People really do need kindness. There’s not enough of it in this world.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Agreed. The candy dish is cute, I have a similar one but it’s green.

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      2. How nice! I will bet your home is lovely and welcoming as well ⭐️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I promise I haven’t gone insane even though it looks like it.😂I just googled toot a loop radio that’s so cool. ✨

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yes I am a little older than you so toot-a-loop radios were before your time 😊 💕

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