In Defense Of The Borderline

The longing gaze of a borderline

Some say Borderlines are misunderstood and I agree.

I can remember people calling me sick claiming I was doing what feels good which would be me being impulsive or making emotional choices.

However, if you were neglected and therefore not educated you have no facts to draw from, just feelings.

In my experience people think of borderline’s as being bad.

I’d like to say that they aren’t.

I needed to be understood first and foremost.

Second I needed compassion.

Third I needed an education.

Once those three things happened I began to get better.

Punishment only made matters worse.

When I was younger, I would try to cope but then got punished for the way I was coping.

It was a vicious cycle.

So yes, for me, the answer was understanding, compassion, and education.

That was my cure for borderline.

Borderlines have a heart of gold, hurt very badly, are loyal to a fault, and are also very devoted.

Doesn’t sound bad to me.

8 thoughts on “In Defense Of The Borderline

  1. Borderpolar Thoughts 2 Aug 2022 — 3:11 am

    Reblogged this on Borderpolar Disaster and commented:
    What a perfect way to describe us.

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    1. Thanks for the reblog 😊 💕

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  2. I think you are wonderful. ((HUGS))

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    1. Omg Linda, thank you ❤️ You are most wonderful too ((HUGS))

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  3. Understanding, compassion and education are always the path that leads us to happiness.💖 This was a beautiful post.💞

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  4. Thank you Ashley. I’m glad you see the good in a diagnosis that is often stigmatized 😊 💕


  5. Doesn’t sound bad to me either. ❤️

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