Lately I’ve been doing a whole lot of what has worked before.

Like blogging. It worked for me back in 2016-2017. So I revisited it this year.

I started tanning and getting manicures done which is something I’ve done before.

I would like to get back to the gym this Fall. I did that in my twenties.

So announcing my goal of becoming a counselor for addicts and alcoholics was a bit of a risk because what if I can’t do it?

I would say that I would be better off because I tried.

In fact I know of a guy who is educating himself even though he has no plan of earning money with it.

So like him, I want to further myself.

Too many years were wasted being out on disability. I should have been doing more with them. It’s Show Time 😊

3 thoughts on “Success

  1. I think it’s awesome that you’re exploring new things! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We alwasy need to have goals, sometime we don’t reach them but be still reach higher trying.


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