Thoughts And What’s New

My career goals are there but they are on the back burner as I continue to review my life, learn lessons, draw conclusions, and finally formulate a strategy.

You first want to know your people before you invest in them. Ask yourself if you would place bets on them.

Sometimes being alone is better than having bad company.

One person is good for one thing, another person is good for another.

I used to have low self esteem, be too self-sacrificing, and overly respectful of others.

So I’ve come a long way as I start to prioritize myself.

I’m a lot like my grandmother and great aunt. They were older women on their own, very independent, but they didn’t have a dog like me.

Neither woman had many friends. They lived in the 70’s and 80’s before microwaves, vcr’s, cable tv, and internet came out.

They were widows who’s husbands left them financially secure. I’m divorced but also have security in that I have assisted rent.

I’m changing low contact with my family to minimal, which I regard as less contact. I am keeping my foot in the door just in case.

It’s me and my dog in this household.

As far as people go, I have neighbors in my building, the people at church, and also the people in my IOP.

I’m in no rush or competition with anyone. I want to live well as an independent and a Christian as I wait for Jesus’ return. I wasn’t taught to live this way. It’s a conclusion I realized myself.

I always said I’d have great memories when I got older and was in a nursing home but I’m drawing on those memories now.

Did I get old before my time?

I did buy two trendy dresses in an x-large juniors size so I am keeping young in my own way. By the way, I’ve lost 30 pounds.

Yesterday I had my mom show me the graveyard where my fathers family is buried.

It’s a small graveyard, easy enough to find my way around. There was one large tombstone with a bunch of names on it. Ashes are buried in the ground.

I want to have the ability to talk to these people from my past. Reminisce and tell them things I should have said but didn’t.

It’s about time I got serious about living the rest of my life.

Continuing to save for my next car and also my own funeral and grave plot.

Ive spent a good deal of my life shopping but now it’s time to save.

I believe staying busy is the answer.

I have structure in my life now.

What more do I want anyway?

My priorities are changing and Im making new values to live by.

Security is ranking high at this point. As a mature, independent woman, with a mental illness I need stability.

A savings account will give me this.

Keeping from being frantic is what I want.

That is the new reward I seek.

This is no dress rehearsal.

I believe I can make it happen. 💜 🌈 😊 🌟

4 thoughts on “Thoughts And What’s New

  1. Hi Linda! Thanks for stopping by! 😊 💕


  2. ‘Sometimes being alone is better than having bad company.’ — I totally agree!

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  3. So you understand what I’m saying ❤️ Most of my life I couldn’t be alone or was too needy but now that I’m having to do it, I remember those women’s examples and it strengthens me😊


  4. I also have women in my family (actually, a grandma and great aunt just like you) who were fantastic examples of older women living independently and doing very well at it. Having those examples helps me to feel good about being single and doing my own thing.

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