Attain Goals By Practicing Mindfulness

Lose weight by practicing mindfulness

It’s good to have goals. Mine are set a little high but at least it gives me something to aim for.

In attaining my goals I practice mindfulness.

Too often my mind is elsewhere and I will throw out something important in the garbage, or turn on the wrong burner on the stove, or overindulge in addictions.

I lost those 30 pounds by practicing mindfulness. I want to lose 12 more by the way.

Shopping starts as a mindless activity scrolling through Amazon or eBay.

Then there’s forgetfulness, forgetting what you just ate or bought.

The pounds and dollars can easily add up.

I start every day early by reminding myself of my goal and my ultimate reward.

The days of living in the right way will add up too.

I am enjoying my new trim self.

We have to watch our self talk too. Be careful of saying I need this or need that.

IOP taught us that the only things we absolutely need are food, water, air, warmth, and sometimes a certain medication.

So no I don’t need a lot of food and no I don’t need to make a lot of purchases either.

I’m in the business of making new habits I guess I could say.

The secret is in becoming less needy overall and meeting our own needs rather than relying on others.

I was weaker when I needed a person.

I am stronger now, less emotional.

I am looking forward to living my best life.

I don’t want to be lazy and take my salvation for granted.

Every day I work on becoming a better person. In competition with myself.

Keep my mind on the present rather than ruminating on the past or worrying about the future.

That’s what mindfulness is.

Becoming a better person is a goal within itself.

4 thoughts on “Attain Goals By Practicing Mindfulness

  1. I like the feeling of being able to rely on myself.

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    1. Thank you Ashley. This all may be common sense for you but for me this is major growth 😊 💕

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