Gain Support By Remembering Deceased Loved Ones

I found out my old best friend from grammar and High School died by looking at her husbands Facebook page. It said Widowed. This is the girl I met for lunch 3 years ago. She told me she had cancer then but she was still in the game.

Most of my supports have passed. I remember them, learn from them, keep them near and dear in my heart so I can be strong, carry on, and live my best life so that they can be proud.

My Father was a Freemason so he believed in a Supreme being and that the soul was immortal.

My therapist doesn’t necessarily believe in a place called Heaven above the clouds but she does believe in a persons energy.

I do know that energy cannot be destroyed.

Does Holy Spirit reside within us? This is while we are alive I’m saying.

And when we’re dead, what happens then?

I’ve sinned terribly in my younger years but I hadn’t even known The Ten Commandments.

I feel safe though because so many of the people I knew sinned worse when they knew better and they weren’t bad people.

All I can do is live my best life now.

I’ve been framing photographs of my deceased loved ones. Keeping them out in my apartment gives me a dose of strength. All I have to do is look at them.

2 thoughts on “Gain Support By Remembering Deceased Loved Ones

  1. A dear friend of mine passed away several years ago, and I have a framed photo of him at my bedside so he’s always with me.

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    1. So you understand. I need all the help I can get. 😊 💕

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