Rewards Help Us Achieve

I want a new reliable car

I truly am satisfied with my wardrobe and decorated apartment. Those were the things I was spending money on. Food too. I used to frequent diners not only for the food. I was lonely and would cultivate mini relationships with the wait staff.

As my priorities change and different things become important I am motivated to cut spending for them.

Yes I will be needing a new car but the reward wasn’t so great.

A car gets me around town to run errands. Not so exciting. Nothing new in it for me.

But now as an older person I want to visit distant gravesites within the State I live in to talk to my deceased loved ones to a) strengthen myself, and b) work towards the resolution I never got.

Also I want to go to The Shore where my grandmother used to live. That is far away too(maybe a 3 hour drive).

My Grandmother was more of a mother. She was a woman capable of loving me she also respected me when I was only 10 years old. I remember all of this.

I’m on a budget so I can’t expect to travel to Europe or anything like that. Plus I had done a fair amount of traveling when I was younger.

I want to take day trips and 3 day vacations and bring my dog.

Can you see how the new car is becoming more important and rewarding than it once was?

It will get me to The Shore and gravesites.

These are things that I need to do for myself as part of my therapy and closure for my life.

In my absence from my blog I was spending a lot of time thinking and growing. I was in my head but I was drawing some good conclusions.

Once I’ve grown I like to write about it. It documents my progress and growth. Maybe it can help someone else.

So make sure you reward yourself. Knowing yourself well will help you to fine-tune your reward.

This is about getting exactly what you want within reason.

You deserve to live well.

2 thoughts on “Rewards Help Us Achieve

  1. Thank you Ashley ❤️ I used to self punish.


  2. We all deserve to live well. 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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