Disheartening Start

Car repairs can be very costly

I had and still have every intention of penny pinching and saving but I got off to a bad start when getting my oil change done. I take my car to Firestone which is reputable and I needed several repairs. I got the AC done because I have a dog who needs it more than I do. Even getting the AC checked was a fee in itself. A new battery, brake work etc.

Firestone’s bill ended up costing me as much as my rent which is subsidized.

I’m also getting Luna’s(dog) teeth cleaned for the first time and she is 5 years old. So that’s really overdue, yet, it is an improvement because I never paid for dental care on any of my pets before her.

So no, I’m not giving up. I’m not going to self sabotage, Im staying on track with the saving and penny pinching. The month just started.

I will just have to be patient and look to next month to save.

I know it will get better. I’m also a little more stressed not turning to my usual coping mechanism of shopping.

I cook to save money too. Those microwaveable meals were becoming very pricey.

Plus I’m going to IOP 3 days a week and church 1 morning a week.

This is the best I’ve ever done.

I have to tell myself easy does it.

I resent that I must live the hardest in my family when I’m least able, but, I know I’ve got strengths and skills, and abilities and experiences that money can’t buy. I also have mental illness. Maybe that makes things more even.

Stay Tuned 😊 💜 🌈 🌟

4 thoughts on “Disheartening Start

  1. I did get a salad and chips at Subway while I waited but I thought that was reasonable because it took 3 hours to do the repair work. I’m trying to make better decisions overall.


  2. That’s too bad about the car. But even though you aren’t able to save this month, it’ll still be a non-shopping month, which hopefully will help prepare you to save next month! 💖

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    1. Yes exactly! Thank you Ashley! Perhaps I was neglecting the important things and it caught up with me. How’s that for being honest? I swear I’m becoming a different person. I am viewing my shopping addiction as being immature and uncool ❤️

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      1. I’m confident you’re going to be able to change! 💕

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