Me First

There is something about me that people feel exceptionally comfortable disrespecting or bossing around.

I am a ‘nice guy.’ I’m also small, beginning to age, and I’m friendly and quiet.

So I’m being picked on and bossed around at IOP by the younger ones and here at my apartment building I’m being bossed around by the older ones, particularly in the laundry room.

I quit IOP by the way after 2 months of being in person. I will just go to the IOP at the hospital. I hear it’s a tamer crowd.

This is what happened: There were three of us in the laundry room. My laundry was to finish first in the washer. I had the least amount of time left on my machines.

Rather than being asked, I was told by this woman that she was going to use dryer #3.

The choice is mine really.

I’ve been practicing sticking up for myself so I said, “This is wrong. The choice is mine, my machines finish first.” I then added, “What would the Pastor at our church say about this?”

The woman said, “I am older than you and have had a harder life.”

The third woman in the laundry room began taking her side.

I called the apartment manager and she came down and saw that my machines were to finish first but asked me to be the bigger person and let the other woman have her choice of dryers.

Same thing happens at IOP. The young ones save the cushioned chairs for themselves.

The problem is it’s a Me First attitude and I yield to the other person.

I know in the laundry room I wait my turn. I know at IOP I don’t save any chairs for myself.

I’m tired of yielding. This is how I got behind in life. Always thinking of the other person first.

In the end, I let the older woman have the dryer she wanted even though I was ahead of her. She apologized and shared with me a small book she had written and illustrated.

She goes to my church and I know she’s a sincere Christian.

We compared notes and learned that we both have had very hard lives.

I still know in the laundry room I wait my turn. When the turn is mine somebody else wants it.

At IOP when I go to sit I’m told the chair is taken.

7 thoughts on “Me First

  1. our disabilities are not always visible.
    I have PTSD but most people treat me like anyone else. this can be frustrating.

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    1. That is a very good point Sedge. Actually all 3 of us in the laundry room had some kind of disability. The other two women were forceful whereas I wasn’t.


  2. “I am older than you and have had a harder life” is a pretty weird reason for someone to try to claim a dryer when it wasn’t their turn. I think in that situation I think I would have been tempted to go the passive aggressive route and just start putting my stuff in the dryer. Good for you for speaking up.

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    1. Thank you Ashley. It’s unbelievable. I’m supposed to be the impaired one and I’d never dream of making such a request ❤️

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  3. I can’t imagine telling someone whose washer is finishing ahead of mine, that I want them to wait and let me use the dryer first. Who does that? It’s so rude!

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    1. What I’m learning is that I am so much more well behaved than most other people! Thanks Linda ❤️

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