Forgiveness will free you

I heard at an al-anon meeting that resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

I was spending too much time in my head reliving how the person wronged me and hating them for it.

I had heard the saying Forgive and Forget but I believe that’s incorrect.

It’s really simple. The idea is to quickly forgive and move on. Don’t Stew. But then instead of forgetting distance yourself from the person. You don’t have to go back for more.

I had been going back for more. I was volunteering myself to be other people’s doormat but not being rewarded for it.

It’s all in how I was raised.

At 56 I still have much to relearn.

I have a few important ground rules for myself that I’m sure of and stick to. That is my foundation.

In time I will be sure of more

Forgiving makes life easier for you. But don’t be a fool who goes back for more!😊 💜 🌟 🌈

5 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. I can forgive … by not associating with the person who hurt me; friends and/or family … by distancing myself from the possibility of being hurt again … by knowing that I deserved better than what I received … by forgiving myself for knowing better but continued to accept the BS …

    But I will never forget!

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    1. So good to hear your words of wisdom Wendy. I too many times went back for more. No more. I will let time pass and give the person another chance to see if they’ve changed. 😊 💕

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  2. Thank you for being the good and powerful guiding force that you are Ashley! 😊 💕

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  3. I’m not a believer in forgetting. Forgiving can be a way to let go of unnecessary burdens, but remembering is crucial for learning to make things better going forward. 💖

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