Remembering IOP

I learned some very useful skills at IOP earlier this year.

They stressed that our thoughts affect our feelings and behaviors.

They also said that we could feel better when thinking positive thoughts. I had a bad habit of ruminating on all of the bad things that happened to me.

I decided to only think about them for so long as to not forget. I want to remember them and learn from them.

Then I can think about something more positive which will lead to more positive feelings.

I watched an Oprah Winfrey video on You Tube that talked about forgiveness. They said that forgiveness was for you. Resentment eats away at you. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that what happened to you was ok, but rather, accepting that it has happened.

That helped, plus, learning that Forgive and Forget is really wrong. Forgive yes, but, don’t go back for more. Distance yourself from the person.

IOP also taught us besides feeling the way we want to feel, that goal attainment was also very important.

I attained several of my goals by practicing mindfulness.

Boy, did those two changes really empower me plus my growing independence and respect for myself.

I can be alone so much better now and I have developed a criteria for who I choose to remain in my world.

I want the person to respect and believe me first and foremost. I also look for mentors because I want to learn from those who are more advanced than myself.

Im thinking of going back to IOP sometime next year, but, I want to be stronger yet so that toxic peers don’t blow me out of the water again.

Also I want time to pass before going back because of my recent 2 month relationship that is now over, well, he will be there.

It wouldn’t be right to show up immediately after ending it with him.

All in due time. I will know when I’m ready.

I am on the quest to keep bettering myself. 😊 💕 ✨ 🌈 💜

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