New And Nicer Apartment

Main Room

It was mentioned before in a blog post that I was moving to a more desirable place.

This complex or village is located in a more upscale town that is also safer. Sure it costs more in gasoline to live here but on the other hand it offers a better quality of life.

Based on experience I have a new game plan on how to conduct myself in the village and also with the neighbors.

I decided not to get too involved and also to keep it pleasant and superficial.

Remembering Great Aunt Betty and Paternal Grandmother whom had less support than myself and were both solid and unemotional independents I have decided to model my life after them.

No people, no drama.

I’m still thinking my Axis II diagnosis was interrogated by the professionals. I know that I was never that bad. I was often the lesser of two evils. Considering my circumstances, I’ve done quite well.

Me On An Average Day

You can see part of my kitchen behind me. Sorry about the clutter on the counter.

My home is my refuge. A fellow blogger who I have a lot of respect for talked about not really having a social life in real time in person but rather on the internet.

She has her own reasons and so do I. My reasons are that toxic people seem to find me and also that I allow them to affect me. I weaken and lose my confidence. They can make me feel spineless like a jellyfish or like a melting snowman.

So hibernation seems preferable. We had to do that in the pandemic anyway.

As I look back in my blog I see that I’m not always good at taking my own advice. I am forgetful or it’s truly that hard to change behavior patterns. I know my stuff but don’t always apply it.

My Favorite Place In My Home

I was sitting on my loveseat while taking this picture. You can see I have two views. The windows plus the door. I have suet blocks now hung out there for the birds. I love watching them. Brings me so much peace. I identify with them. We are all surviving.

I have a bedroom also which is very nice, remember, I had been living in a studio. Every room has at least one window except for the bathroom. I also have a large storage closet that you can walk into. It’s practically a room in itself. That has no windows also.

Lots of wildlife here. I see deer, groundhogs, birds, and one day I saw a Fox.

It took me ten years of renting to find this place. I know from experience that I am living in a very desirable place that is also a good deal.

As far as my goals I would still like to further my education, but no, I don’t want to volunteer or work. I was always a good student but let people upset me in the work environment.

I gained ten pounds in the last two months between moving and a new relationship. My face is fuller which actually looks better at my age, but, my body is a little sloppy. At least I can see the gain before it gets out of hand. I used to have to gain a lot of weight before I could notice it.

I have a very nice discount store near where I live and I have begun my Christmas shopping for the people that matter.

I will write more another time. 😊 💕 ✨ 🌈 💜

4 thoughts on “New And Nicer Apartment

  1. It looks like a very nice place, and I’m sure the birds are going to love you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Gabriel! I love the birds too! 😊 💕


  2. Your new home is wonderful. I love your view!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Linda! I truly am happy here! 😊 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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