Worry Less, Live More

Hope For A New Life

I am simplifying to make life easy.

Figuring out what truly makes me happy.

I had an awesome visit with my brother yesterday. He visited by himself which was a first. Usually “N” mother is there.

One thing we did was to reminisce about my Great Aunt and Paternal Grandmother. Those are the two women I want to model my life after.

I have no choice really. I’m older and alone and without kids just like them.

I have an emotional support animal though.

What was great was that me and my brother remembered different things.

Great Aunt Betty had dignity. She also had a car.

Paternal Grandmother was sweet and kind, relaxed. She didn’t have a car.

They were both content with their TV sets.

They didn’t have large support systems.

They mostly stayed inside and took care of themselves.

Their lives were simple.

And guess what??? THEY DIDNT WORRY.

Just like them I appreciate friendly hello’s from my neighbors. I don’t require any more than that.

Some things I have concluded is that you have to love and respect yourself when no one else will.

A good reputation can be ruined with a lie.

A person saying, “That’s your perception,” can cancel out a carefully recalled history.

So much isn’t fair or right. Nothing is worth working yourself into a frenzy over.

Don’t worry.

I’ve suffered plenty, helped jobless people, was instrumental in saving two lives, have loved and have been loved.

If this is where the action stops that’s ok. I’m satisfied with my life.

I think a person has to stop wanting more. Being content with what they have.

Stopping accumulating possessions and for wanting more out of life as in experiences.

We don’t really require that much. Anything extra is icing on the cake.

From here I want to live a respectable life that is also secure.

When I’m secure I have fewer worries.

I am collecting myself.

Back to walking, intermittent fasting, deciding to be a lady always, and only dealing with a few people.

I am composed.

I remember the people who loved me and wanted the best for me.

Removing problem people is one of the best medicines.

Life truly shapes us.

Study your past and learn from it.

Im aiming for a happy ending. There still is time.

I have started creating my new life today.

I am going to be just fine😊 💕 🌈 ✨ 💜

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