Just When You Think All Is Lost

Don’t Let The Psychopath Imprison You.

If a psychopath is a problem in your life, you can still learn to live happily.

Just always be saving for your next move. The further away the better.

Freedom will be found in your savings account.

I say this because they destroy lives.

You may be lucky enough to be alive yet “your life as you know it,” will be gone.

You will need a fresh start.

If you can’t afford to move just make a happy home for yourself inside and go into pandemic mode isolated from people.

Freedom will be found in your mind.

I say this because psychopaths try to turn people against you.

Hostility can get to a person over time.

If you must, watch QVC on TV and benefit from the friendly show hosts narration.

If you don’t have TV join a friendly zoom meeting online.

Look at pictures of your loved ones smiling faces.

It takes two things to live, money and love. If you get creative and require less, you really don’t need that much.

I think that looking at friendly faces promotes a feeling of safety.

You might want to try remembering a time you felt safe.

Like I said, so much takes place in the mind.

Work from home if you must.

A person can accept reality even if they don’t like it. Better to know there is a psychopath in your life than not to know or to deny it.

If you have cancer you wouldn’t like it either but you can still get treatment and be in the game.

As Suze Orman once said after a financial crisis, “Make a new dream.”

Same idea. Taper down your dream but still be happy whether you relocate or not

The idea is for you to be happy and win. Not the psychopath.😊 💕 🌈 ✨ 💜

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