Short & Sweet

There Is No Pleasing A Narcissist

Narcissists accuse you of what they do.

You give and give but if you want anything for yourself you are then the bad guy.

They will in fact exhaust you.

Get your hopes up to only let you down.

You could do a fantastic job but you are faulted because it was imperfect.

You are also faulted for having feelings. For example, being hurt.

Learn to recognize it early and invest in someone else.

If you do find that loving person, don’t abuse it.

I know for me I tend to project my own good qualities onto other people and really it’s just not there.

Better to know that not everyone cares.

So when people ignore you and disrespect you don’t think they love you. It’s you who loves them.

Try investing in yourself. You are a gem😊 💕 🌈 ✨ 💜

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