Framing, Projection, Head Game

As I begin to trust myself more and other people less I want to talk about a certain circumstance that has happened to me twice in the recent past.

Two men did the same thing. One was quite a bit younger than me, another was quite a bit older than me.

The young one I was just getting to know.

The old one I had known for over ten years.

The relationships were that of being friends.

I asked both of them about a scenario that involved me and another person. I described the scenario looking for advice and was careful not to mention a name.

They both said the same thing to me, “Its none of my business.”

All of a sudden I felt guilty like I had done something wrong.

Then I thought that both of these guys were projecting their own badness into me playing themselves as good guy.

Maybe not a frame job but a head game?

Did they simply not know the answer and that’s all they could think of to say?

I only learned to doubt myself because of the way narcissists can play.😊 💕 🌈 ✨ 💜

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