On Survival

The wilderness

I’ve been on both sides of the desk.

I’m concluding that mental illness is an adaptation.

The weak ones will die out first.

I once lived with a guy who I intended to marry.

Things were rough between us.

A Pastor of a huge church believed me as well as a therapist with 30 years of experience.

I was told that my fiancé was putting something in my drink and food to sicken me so that he would then be caretaker and the roof would be locked in over his head.

You see, I would then need him.

I was the more financially secure one. I also had a diagnosed mental illness. He didn’t.

The only reason I got out of that situation safely was because I was the smarter of the two.

Lesson learned. If you are mentally ill and have a little money it’s better to associate with wealthier folks.

I’ve also been outnumbered a few times and it didn’t end well.

I am a survivor who lived to tell.

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