The Treated Often Lose To The Untreated

Win Your Advantage By Saying Nothing

So psych meds are supposed to make you better until you go up against a Narcissist.

Who’s to say that I am delusional? I’ve been in a few scary situations and have been smart enough to get out of them or maybe an Angel was watching over me.

My story frightens the therapist who means well but believes he will comfort me by saying, “You don’t need to worry, it didn’t happen.”

I am then called delusional and my meds are increased.

Im smart, sane, cooperative, believe in a power higher than myself, but I lose power because I’ve lost touch with reality now.

Meanwhile, the narcissist who is indeed stronger and not on meds tells his side of the story and it is more convincing.

The problem is, he is delusional as well and in his case there are no meds to fix him.

He is the one who remains powerful and may only become more powerful yet.

So yes the odds are stacked against a psych patient.

Narcissists also have the tendency to lie, play games, and be disrespectful.

All you can do is not engage and say little to nothing.

Sometimes a psych patient is also a Narcissist.

It’s really the personality that matters.

In looking back on my 32 years as a treated psych patient I could simplify by saying:

A) Let know one know you are on psych meds to begin with.

B) Look for a mild mannered person first and foremost and see to it that they remain mild mannered. Assess every day, assess every hour or minute if necessary.

I am trying to regain some of the power I’ve lost because I am a good force.

At this point I’d be happy just to stay on level ground.

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