Bottom Line Psych


Take your meds if you truly need them.

Self management and total independence are key.

Once you get the respect you’ve been missing,

Only then will you become free.

5 thoughts on “Bottom Line Psych

  1. This is true. I could tell the doctor my fingernail hurts. The next thing you know, “I’ll write you a prescription… ” Then I will tell him “No, I’m not taking that”. Tell me why I am having this pain instead of pacifying it with meds. I have been on every antidepressant on the market before 2015. I do not like feeling like a guinea pig. There are quite a few new ones on the market. Still debating on that.

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    1. I don’t know whether something like Caplyta would work for you. It’s an antipsychotic but my provider tells me that it works for Bipolar Depression. Good to hear from you Wendy! 😊 💕


  2. Excellent advice!!!

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    1. Thank you it only took a lifetime for me to learn this. No one was going to make it easy for me and just tell me. A mental health professional can project their own illness into a patient, believe lies of so called ‘concerned’ individuals, or in fact they themselves can be codependent with the patient. Respect is the final answer. Once you have it you will be ok.

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      1. Ruby there is so much truth to what you just said. I have seen this happen time and time again. The codependency is real!

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